Solar Guidelines / Application

Solar Guidelines / Application

APRIL 7, 2015 UPDATE:  The 2015 rebate has been approved at $1.00 perAC watt, capped at 3kW for residential systems and 25kW for commercial/industrial systems.


Application Process:

1. Submit application, net metering agreement, interconnection agreement, a single line diagram and a copy of the system contract and/or sales proposal.

2. MID will review the application packet.

3. A pre-construction meeting will be held on site prior to the system installation.

4. MID will ensure adequate funds are available for rebate.

5. MID will notify customer of reservation of funds and approval to move forward with installation.

6. MID perform the MID PV inspection (after the City/County Code inspection).

7. MID will establish a customer-generator electric utility account pursuant to the Photovoltaic Interconnection Agreement.

8. MID will have meter placed for new PV system.

9. MID will mail one of the original Photovoltaic Interconnection Agreements to the Customer.

10. Submit approved PV Buydown Payment Application for signature and write a check to customer.

You can get more information regarding the PV Buydown program and download the PV Buydown Program Application HERE.


2015 Budget Amount 2015 Reserved Amount 2015 Available Rebate Funds
$450,000 $376,000 $74,000


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